Patrick Carfizzi
  • "Those who saw the recent Met TV broadcast of “Damnation of Faust” will recognize Patrick Carfizzi there as Brander and here as the swaggering Sgt. Belcore. His smooth, rich baritone adds to the bluster of this overbearing military man, and Belcore’s attempt to dominate every scene makes perfect sense...."

    by: D.S. Crafts
    Albuquerque Journal
    July 2009

  • "An intoxicating "Elixir" The casting is a celebration, or perhaps a validation, of Santa Fe's fine training program. Four of the five principals — all with major careers — are former company apprentices, and soprano Rachel Schutz, who shines as Giannetta, is a current one. Patrick Carfizzi, a master comedian with a powerful, flexible baritone, could hardly be more convincing as the self-involved army sergeant who pursues Adina with deliciously clumsy attempts at being a Casanova. ..."

    by: Kyle MacMillan
    Denver Post Fine Arts Critic
    July 2009

  • "Of the three male singers, Patrick Carfizzi, as Nourabad, had the fullest and finest sound; his French diction was also wonderfully clear...."

    by: John F. Hulcoop
    Opera News
    January 2009

  • "…the sturdy bass-baritone Patrick Carfizzi made a menacing villain...."

    by: Anthony Tomassini
    The New York Times
    September 2008

  • "Patrick Carfizzi was totally convincing as the irritating “Paolo Albiani” and assassin of Simon...."

    by: Sean Martinfield
    The San Francisco Sentinel
    September 2008

  • "Bass-baritone Patrick Carfizzi also shone as Paolo Albiani, who elevates Boccanegra to the throne before turning against him...."

    by: Joshua Kosman
    The San Francisco Chronicle
    September 2008

  • "Due to Patrick Carfizzi's forceful and delightful portrayal of the bird-catcher Papageno, Flute was definitely a tale of man getting woman — or, in Papageno's case, the real bird he's always wanted to catch! It was hard to believe that Carfizzi was making his role debut as Papageno. He displayed comic timing and physical fluidity suggesting far more experience with the role. His singing was firm and flexible as he resisted the temptation to dishonor Papageno's simple desires for wine, women and song...."

    by: Charles Ward
    The Houston Chronicle
    January 2008

  • "A notable bright spot…was the Papageno of Patrick Carfizzi. A master of movement and gesture whose grace seemed worthy of a trained dancer or mime, Carfizzi gave a brilliant rendition of the lovable bird-catcher. Whether in his arias, such as "Der Vogelfänger bin ich ja," or in ensembles such as "Bei Männern," Carfizzi's bass-baritone filled the hall with beautifully phrased German, elegant lyricism and compelling musicality...."

    by: Marcia J Citron
    Opera News
    January 2008

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